Club History

October 15th 1996
Papatoetoe United Junior Soccer Club Inc was established exclusively for Children aged between 4 years of age and 19 years of age. 

April 1997
Our first playing season saw us entered into The Counties Manukau League with a staggering 21 teams. This was a lot more than was anticipated, and in the 220 children making up those teams 60 were Girls. 

April 1998
After a very successful 1st year, we entered the Counties Manukau Competition with 30 teams. 100 girls were also amongst the boys this year. 

April 1999
We entered The Counties Manukau League with 36 teams, including 23 Rep Players. 1999 also saw the end of Counties Manukau and the formation of Federation 2.

April 2000
With the formation of all 7 Federations throughout New Zealand things got off to a tricky start. Teams aged 11 and above played in the Federation 2 League. Tough as Auckland Kids can be, we did very well with two teams winning their League. We started the season with 50 teams (too many) and we squashed them down to 46 teams. One team disbanded in the middle of the season due to there being no Coach but the children were placed throughout all the other teams. Four children aged between 12-13 years made it to the National Academy for the year 2001 .We finished off the 2000 season on a high note. 

April 2001
We started off this season with 40 teams. 31 teams aged 4 years to 10 years. The Youth section lost two teams of under 19 players who went off to play senior football. Another successful year was had by all.

April 2002
Started with a wonderful feeling. We have 33 junior teams and 11 youth teams. 44 in total. That is an increase of four teams . The year would be one of our best with quite a few teams doing well in the Auckland league and two teams undefeated again.

April 2003
2003 has started off once again with extra teams and children playing . We have 34 teams in the Junior section and 14 teams in the Youth section. An increase in four teams over all. Total 48 teams. This year we passed at the AGM to go seniors for 2004. A great move.

We had our first Premier team (10th Vipers) who finished second and we ended up with 24 teams in the club finishing in the top 3. A wonderful outcome.

April 2004
Club changes name to Papatoetoe United Soccer Club INC to include the seniors. We had 51 Junior teams and three Senior teams, one Womens, one Open Mens, and one Over 35's. The Womens team won all games winning their league and a Junior team won their league also. A great effort this year by all involved. Club has a total of 715 members including coaches and managers. Club had First Metro team and three Premiers teams.

August 2005
This year the club had a total of 40 Junior teams. We dropped by a few teams as we had eight 10th grades in 2004 who had to change to 14 a side in 2005. We went up two more senior teams, two open men's, two women's and one over 35's. It was our first year at having a full girls team which was a 13th grade. They finished second in Div 2. Half the junior club finished in the top 4 in their group so we are on the move. Three junior teams won their league. Three youth teams also won their leagues.

Margaret McKenna became the clubs first Life Member in November.

August 2006
This year saw a slight drop in teams to 37. We had one Open men's, two Women's team - one of which was combined with PAFC and one Over 35's team.

Our Girls team called the Diamonds once again did well over the season. Four Junior teams won their leagues as did four youth teams. Great effort by all teams in the club.

August 2007
This year saw an increase in the juniors and senior section with another Open men's team. We had 41 teams all up.

We also entered our first girl’s tournament with both 6th and 7th grade winning the tournament and the 8th grade team came third. The club was very proud. We were also very unlucky due to the weather to have our one tournament cancelled.

We will try again in 2008.

August 2008
This year saw the club once again on the increase to 44 teams. Six of those being Seniors, three Women's and three Men's.

Greg McGregor and Anil Ranchhod became our second and third Life members of the club. Well done to you both.

August 2009
This season saw a drop in 2 teams as they progressed into seniors. Progress with our new building was moving along slowly but progressing well.

First team of under 19's for a few years and they finished top of their division.

December  2010.
Stayed the same with teams this season. Two new girls teams within the club, an 11th grade and a mixed 12th grade with Papatoetoe AFC.  8 teams won their leagues this season which included our mighty over 35's team. Well done to all 8 teams. Margaret also received the Long Service Award from AFF.

December 2011.
​​​​​​​Club is 15 years old. We have moved into our new sports building along with 9 other codes. It has been a long road but what a fantastic building and we finally have a Home.

8 teams once again won their league. under 19's finished 3rd in the Napier tournament . 3 girls teams and 2 womans teams this season which is great for womans football.

Club changed its name at the AGM to "Papatoetoe United Football Club Inc.