COVID-19 Information

For the 2022 season, all Players, Coaches, Officials, and Volunteers over the age of 12 years and 3 months will require a Vaccine Pass to be able to participate. This is a New Zealand Football directive, based on guidelines from Sport New Zealand and the Government.

Players over the age of 12 years 3 months without a My Vaccine Pass will not be able to participate in any training or games.

12 years and 3 months is the age dictated by the Ministry of Health. The criteria is based on participants turning 12 years of age, and becoming eligible for a My Vaccine Pass, plus a three month grace period.

For more information refer to the New Zealand Football Covid Protection Framework.

Read the full guidance for the Red setting.


At each Level of the Government's Covid Protection Framework, training guidelines may vary slightly to ensure that all participants are safe. Any information required specific to these levels will be sent out to all members and updated below.

To ensure all participants are as safe as possible, we will require all Club Members and families to follow the below guidelines.

Guidelines relevant to all levels

Mandatory attendance lists at all club-run sessions

Sighting of Vaccine Passes at each players' first session for all players aged 12 years 3 months and above

Masks worn to and from training

Social distancing encouraged in all possible situations

Regular cleaning of equipment, including but not limited to bibs, cones, balls, and mini goals

Reduced sharing of gear where possible


At present, all players aged 12 years 3 months that are involved in games must have a My Vaccine Pass

If government guidelines around the age of My Vaccine Pass holders shift, so too will the New Zealand Football mandate

All volunteers, club staff, and coaches must also have a My Vaccine Pass to be involved